Skater XL Soundtrack Revealed: Modest Mouse, Band of Horses, and More

Skater XL Soundtrack Revealed: Modest Mouse, Band of Horses, and More

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A skating game without a great soundtrack is like a halfpipe without skaters standing around it saying "dude." It just feels off somehow. 

Though the complete Skater XL track list will be revealed later, the team at Easy Day Studios has shared the bands you can expect to hear as you skate around the game's hub of rails, benches, and vert attractions.

Accordng to NME, who had the story first,  that list includes Modest Mouse, Band Of Horses, Getter, Interpol, Future Islands, Animal Collective, Silversun Pickups, STARHEADBODY, Built To Spill, Cende, Kratos Himself, The Shivas and Westkust.

"We really wanted the soundtrack to reflect skateboarding culture, as well as pay homage to some of the artists that provided the soundtracks to some of the most influential skate videos of all time." said Jeff Goforth from Easy Day. "Music is such a huge part of skate culture and by incorporating the artists that created the sound of some of our favorite video parts, and have a connection to skateboarding, it just made so much sense.”

He's right too. No Tony Hawk fan can hear Superman without thinking of that warehouse, and likewise songs like "The Funeral" by Band of Horses have been vital in propagating the skate video culture.  

Skater XL joins a growing list of skateboarding games in 2020 and beyond. After a long drought for the genre, we've recently seen things such as Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2 get announced by Activision, while EA has promised to finally revitalize the Skate series. Other indie projects like Session, Skate Bird, and Wave Break have brought their own spins on the genre lately as well.

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