The Dragon's Dogma Anime Is Here with a Debut Trailer

The Dragon's Dogma Anime Is Here with a Debut Trailer

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After the success of turning Konami's Castlevania into a beloved anime, Netflix has set its sights on Capcom's Dragon's Dogma and its premiere date is right around the corner.

Dragon's Dogma will premiere on Netflix on September 17. In this debut trailer, we can see several of the game's key elements, like Pawns and, of course, dragons, but the central plot is different from the original game story. Instead, protagonist Ethan is sent on a quest for vengeance after he says he failed to protect his family from a dragon attack in his village. 

Netflix first revealed a Dragon's Dogma anime was in the works in March of last year but the production had been pretty quiet since then. In the meantime, we've since found out the streaming giant also has plans for other anime series in video game worlds. Most recently, a Splinter Cell anime was revealed to be in the works, while Netflix also has plans to bring The Witcher anime to its library in the future, although like the Henry Cavill-led live-action series, that one will be based more on the books than the games.

Netflix's first foray in turning video games to anime came in the form of Castlevania, which debuted in 2017. Across three seasons so far, the series has been lauded by critics for its atmosphere and story. A fourth season was announced earlier this year, though that was at the end of March and the beginning of the pandemic for much of the world, so it's unclear what production has been like more recently, but it seems safe to assume it has been hit by delays like everything else in the world.

Dragon's Dogma arrives on Netflix on September 17.

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