Silent Hill 4: The Room Returns to PC

Silent Hill 4: The Room Returns to PC

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After the first two Metal Gear Solid games recently hit PC via, it looks like Konami is also planning on bringing the Silent Hill series back to the platform. A recent listing on the website for the United Kingdom's game ratings classification apparatus, PEGI, suggests at the very least Silent Hill 4: The Room is making a comeback, and there's little reason to suspect it will come alone. Silent Hill 4: The Room has since launched on GOG. It seems unlikely it would be the only one.

We say that for multiple reasons. For one, if you were only going to revive a single game from the beloved horror series, it probably wouldn't be The Room. Don't misunderstand, players tend to like that one, but few love it like they do any of the first three games, especially Silent Hill 2. Additionally, when the Metal Gear Solid games returned, they came in a group - the first two, plus the original Metal Gear as well. 

If we had to guess, we'd suspect Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3, and Silent Hill 4: The Room are all on Konami's docket and set for revitalization. Before The Room returned, the only Silent Hill game on PC is Silent Hill: Homecoming, a polarizing entry which got lambasted by some fans for its use of Pyramid Head, seemingly a tell that the developers didn't understand his place in the series' lore as an entity specifically manifested to torture Silent Hill 2's James Sunderland. To be fair, the 2006 movie screwed this up too.

If the company did return the first four games - often considered the golden age of Silent Hill - to PC, it would leave only a few sequels out of the equation entirely, including 2012's Silent Hill: Downpour, the Wii-exclusive Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, and the PSP-exclusive Silent Hill: Origins. We don't talk about Silent Hill: Book of Memories, so don't ask.


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