Players Will be Able to Recruit Dogs in Ghost of Tsushima's Next Patch

Players Will be Able to Recruit Dogs in Ghost of Tsushima's Next Patch

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Gamers will soon be able to befriend canines in Ghost of Tsushima

It has been revealed that players will be able to recruit dogs as allies in Ghost of Tsushima's upcoming patch, version 1.1. When the patch drops, gamers will be able to equip a new charm that is available in the game's New Game+ mode. The new charm is called the Charm of Canine Recruitment, and allows the player to walk up to a dog and pet it. The dog will then follow the player as an ally. A small clip on Twitter shows Jin pet a dog, which then proceeds to follow him. 

The Charm of Canine Recruitment is just one of the additions coming to Ghost of Tsushima through the game's version 1.1 patch. The main addition of the patch is a New Game+ mode. New Game+ will start the game at the release of the open world, just after Jin's initial confrontation with the Khan. In New Game+, players will keep their Techniques, Gear, and Vanity items that they earned in their first playthrough. The difficulty of the game will be raised in order to help provide the player with a challenge. When a gamer starts a new New Game+, they will find that they will have a new horse that features a red mane and unique saddle. Players will be able to find powerful, new charms in New Game+, which includes the Charm of Canine Recruitment.

Another big feature coming to Ghost of Tsushima through the version 1.1 update is the Ghost Flower. The Ghost Flower can only be earned in New Game+. Players will find a new merchant in Ariake who will trade the flowers for armor dyes, vanity gear, and Charms that can only be found in New Game+. Ghost Flowers can be obtained by beating tasks that were completed during a gamer's first playthrough of the game.  

Ghost of Tsushima is available on the PlayStation 4. Update version 1.1 will release on October 16th. 

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