Daredevil and More Marvel Heroes Are Coming to Fortnite

Daredevil and More Marvel Heroes Are Coming to Fortnite

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The Fortnite and Marvel crossover season continues for about another month, and alongside a slew of new esports tournaments, it seems like Fortnite is set to debut several new heroes to the game.

The Chapter 2 Season 4 Battle Pass has already given players access to Marvel heroes and villains such as Thor, Storm, She-Hulk, Wolverine, Doctor Doom, Groot, Iron Man, and Mystique, while Captain America has been sold separately as well. Now Epic Games has revealed Daredevil is coming soon, and players will have a chance to win the paid cosmetic before it goes on sale.

In this week's Marvel Knockout Cup, players can compete in the limited-time game mode (LTM) Marvel Knockout which pits a lobby full of heroes against each other using all their unique superpowers. Regional winners will unlock the Daredevil skin for free ahead of its debut in the Item Shop, presumably later this week.

But what we can deduce from this Marvel Knockout Cup signals more crossovers are just around the corner. This is the first of four Marvel Knockout Cups, "The Daredevil Cup." While we don't know the names of the other cups just yet, or else we'd have a confirmed list of upcoming heroes, we can reasonably guess them from some official artwork (thanks Forbes) which includes mostly characters we've already seen in the game, but with a few we haven't yet, including Daredevil himself, who we now know is coming very soon.

So who else is left? Just a few: Ghost Rider, Captain Marvel, Venom, and Black Panther. The problem is there are only four Marvel Knockout Cups we currently know about, but there are five characters remaining. Does this mean one of them isn't coming to the game at all, or maybe just isn't coming alongside a tournament. After all, Captain America launched into Fortnite well before this seasonal crossover was even announced, and other heroes and villains such as DC's Batman and Harley Quinn, have dropped into the game with no related event too. 

With about a month to go in the Fortnite season, we expect to see one new character each week, but as for who gets left out or more likely launches separately is still a Marvel mystery for now.


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