Hitman Players on PC Will Be Able to Move Their Content to Hitman 3 for Free After All

Hitman Players on PC Will Be Able to Move Their Content to Hitman 3 for Free After All

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Epic Games Store exclusivity usually means a studio-friendly deal, but in the case of Hitman 3, it had created a minor headache for IO Interactive, the team behind Hitman. Luckily for studio and fans alike, the problem is soon to be resolved.

What was the problem in the first place? Hitman 3 launches today as an Epic Games Store exclusive, which would be fine and normal, except Hitman 3, like 2018's Hitman 2, acts as a hub for all the levels in the World of Assassination trilogy available, dating back to 2016. Players who own Hitman 2 and/or Hitman (2016) can import all their unlocked content including levels and in-game rewards directly into Hitman 3 beginning today, January 20. On PlayStation and Xbox consoles, this is managed via an in-store Access Pass, which is free for players who already own the previous games.

The problem is that previous Hitman games on PC may have been purchased on Steam, making it apparently impossible to allow players to carry their Steam purchase into Epic Games Store. Despite IO Interactive promising a huge discount on the Access Pass, down 80% from the retail price at launch, that's not as good as free, which upset some loyal fans who have likely been excited to know they can keep moving their Hitman exploits forward into each sequel. 

Now IO Interactive has promised instead of a deep discount that they will find a way to ensure no one has to buy the content they already own again. Interestingly, they don't know how they'll do this yet, they admit, but they say it will be done. Read their statement below as it was posted to social media.

 The use of bold and caps certainly implies they will deliver on their guarantee, even as the solution eludes them still. Hitman 3 is now available worldwide. See how the game is performing with critics by visiting its game page here.

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