Futuristic Survival Game Dysterra Heads to Alpha Soon

Futuristic Survival Game Dysterra Heads to Alpha Soon

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PC players aren't strangers to the survival genre, and it's getting a bit bigger soon. Dysterra is heading to closed alpha testing, and the team is inviting players to join in. 

Dysterra is described as a "large-scale multiplayer survival game that embodies deep crafting systems such as construction and production, while offering players exciting conflicts and environmental calamities within the visual power of the Unreal Engine 4."

Those environmental calamities are showcased by a central hazard, the Terrafire, an everpresent open inferno swallowing up the dystopian planet Terra. Players have to engage with that constant threat while also focusing on mechanics like construction, fortification, and crafting. Presented in first-person, Dysterra will also feature various firearms players can find on the prison planet with which they use in PvE battles against robots, as seen in the trailer below.

You can also storm other players' bases to loot their equipment, though it's not clear exactly how this will behave when players are away from their game and have left their bases defenseless. 

Dysterra is planned to host multiple testing events for players to engage with ahead of its launch, which itself is planned via Early Access on Steam in 2021. The first of these tests will kick off next week, March 15, with player recruitment starting today and running through March 15. Interested players are encouraged to sign up for a chance to join the alpha by following the instructions on the game's Steam page. Note that chosen participants will be notified separately, so if you don't hear back, you may need to try again with the next test after it's announced.

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