The Walking Dead: Survivors Is a Tower Defense Set in the Comic Universe

The Walking Dead: Survivors Is a Tower Defense Set in the Comic Universe

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The Walking Dead, much like its titular monsters, just won't die, and today Skybound has revealed a new game based on Kirkman's long-running franchise that strategy fans may enjoy. The Walking Dead: Survivors is a mobile PvP tower defense game coming to iOS and Android this summer. Pre-registration is available now.

The Walking Dead: Survivors will pit players against each other with plenty of zombies mixed in too. Each player will build up their militia, organize a community, and assign roles to those that live within their supposedly safe walls. Players will need to think carefully about whom they promote, how they fortify their territory, and how they develop their characters as the long post-apocalypse goes on.

The game splits characters into three Fighter classes: Melee, Sharpshooter, and Cavalry. I suppose in The Walking Dead universe, there is little room for diplomacy so everyone is a fighter at heart. Players will encounter key characters from the comics, like Rick, Michonne, and Glenn (sorry Daryl fans). Fan-favorite locations will also be featured, said Elex Games, the team developing the game in coordination with Robert Kirkman's media company Skybound.

Players can also join clans with others, attack others or prepare for sieges at home, and hand out tasks intelligently and with an understanding of your settlers' strengths and weaknesses - or else.

Players will be able to explore new areas and make difficult choices along the way, such as where to explore, who to send, and what to do once you get there? The game's art style is supposed to mimic that of the comics, though unlike the comics' original run, the game is colorized, as you might expect. 

The Walking Dead: Survivors comes to iOS and Android this summer.

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