Resident Evil Re:Verse Beta Starts This Week

Resident Evil Re:Verse Beta Starts This Week

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If you're waiting for your Resident Evil thirst to be quenched on May 7 with Resident Evil Village, perhaps the game's included multiplayer mode, Re:Verse, can tide you over with its beta this week. 

The PvP game mode comes out of the box (or in the download) with Village and players can access a limited test run of the game beginning on April 7 or 8, depending on your time zone. Here in the states, it will go live at 11 PM PT on April 7 / 2 AM ET on April 8, so it will also be available in the morning hours if you're waiting to play overseas.

The beta will run until the 10th / 11th at the same time for players. During the beta, players on Xbox One, PS4, and Steam will be able to access the anachronistic multiplayer third-person shooter, featuring a wide cast of heroes of villains spanning the entire history of Capcom's beloved action-horror franchise.

The publisher seems determined to break through with a successful Resident Evil multiplayer experience but has yet to do so, following past years' middling efforts such as Umbrella Corps, Operation Raccoon City, and Resistance, which most recently failed to establish a lively audience as the packed-in asynchronous PvP game mode with Resident Evil 3

Players wishing to experience that beta can do so starting on their respective dates and times later this week, with pre-downloads now available on your preferred platform.

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