Xbox Insider Says A Mandalorian Game Is In Production

Xbox Insider Says A Mandalorian Game Is In Production

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The topic of Phil Spencer's shelf has been on many people's minds lately, as it seems the head of Xbox is using his bookshelf decor to tease upcoming projects. That trend led to one insider spilling the Xbox-green beans about a Mandalorian game now in development.

Nick Baker of XboxEra, known perhaps better as his Twitter handle Shpeshal Ed, has been a recurring source of credible rumors especially surrounding the Xbox brand, and today fired off perhaps his biggest bit of insider info yet: Someone is making a Mandalorian game, though he's not yet sure who it is.

"Ok. So you’ll notice...there’s a Mandalorian Funko on Phil’s shelf. Yes. Someone is making a Mandalorian game. Not sure who yet. Sorry," Baker said in a tweet that caught many by surprise. Baker was pointing to what appeared to be a Mandalorian Funko POP! vinyl figure, and followed up with more information. "By the way. The Funko was in the last Phil’s shelf pic. I personally never noticed it the first time. But once I saw it this time I asked if I could mention the game and got the ok."

While it's true the toy was present in a stream earlier than today's which Baker referenced initially, the funniest detail was only discovered after Baker shared the leak. "hold on...wait. That's an Arbiter funko?!" It seems the Funko in question was from Halo, not The Mandalorian, meaning Baker spilled those proverbial beans without any real provocation, but it doesn't change his leak anyway. According to Baker, the game is in production, though as we can assume it's years away, who knows what form it may take - if it even comes out at all.

With Xbox already working on an Indiana Jones game at newly-acquired Machinegames, it seems the team may be going all in on LucasArts similar to Sony's deathgrip on some Marvel properties as of late.

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