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ARK: Survival Evolved to expand with Extinction

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Studio Wildcard has great news for fans and players of ARK: Survival Evolved. A brand new expansion is coming called Extinction and it will arrive on November 6, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and XBox One.

First off, here's a trailer!

All we know about Extinction is what's in this cryptic description:

Finish your journey through the worlds of ARK in ‘Extinction’, where the story began and ends: on Earth itself! An Element-infested, ravaged planet filled with fantastical creatures both organic & technological, Earth holds both the secrets of the past and the keys to its salvation. As a veteran Survivor who has conquered all previous obstacles, your ultimate challenge awaits: can you defeat the gigantic roaming Titans which dominate the planet, and complete the ARK cycle to save Earth's future?

Starting this Friday, ARK players will be able to start looking for and collecting Explorer Notes that, once collected, will unlock special skins and Tek-themed dinosaur variants.

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