Mega Man 11 demo arrives for PS4, XB1 & Switch

Mega Man 11 demo arrives for PS4, XB1 & Switch

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If you love to try things out before you buy, you're in luck thanks to the arrival of a brand new demo for Mega Man 11. The announcement was made by the official Mega Man Twitter account. The demo version is available for PlayStation 4, XBox One and Nintendo Switch.

For those who play the demo, developers have assigned a task to complete:

We’re giving all demo players a mission to knock out Block Man by defeating the ego-centric robot in the demo, then display their victory with the #BustBlockMan hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook! Each successful victory will help chip away at a statue of Block Man (and the ego he’s built up for himself). The more people play and succeed, the more the statue will chip away! If enough people defeat Block Man, everyone who’s played the Mega Man 11 demo will get a small reward of single-use items they can redeem in the full game!

Find out more on the Mega Man 11 site.

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