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Gears 5's Next Big Update Drops Next Week

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The next update for Gears 5 will drop next week, and bring with it a wealth of new content.

The big Gears 5 update is entitled Operation 2: Free For All, and will come with a number of new modes. This includes the new Free For All versus mode. In this mode, 14 players battle it out to be the first one to earn 30 kills. It will be available as a featured playlist at first, and then added to Ranked mode in January. Three new maps, entitled Pit, Core, and Nethercutt, have been designed to support the new mode. The Arcade Blitz mode is objective-based, and is an Arcade mode. It will be available in Custom Lobbies and the Arcade Quickplay playlist alongside Arcade Deathmatch. 2v2 Gnashers is also making a comeback in the new update, with two maps being released for it.

Operation 2: Free For All is also introducing a number of new characters. Gamers will be able to play as two new heroes or three new villains. The heroes include Lizzie Carmine, who can summon and pilot a Silverback on the battlefield, and Damon Baird, who can summon a DR-1. Jermad is the first of the three villains, who has reduced headshot damage. Also coming to the villains side is the Locust Drone, who will have reduced recoil on BeeDee Weapons, and Kantus, who will be released on the villains side in early 2020. Finally, Scorpio Squad will be available in Horde mode.

Two new Arena maps will be released in Operation 2: Allfathers Arena and Lift. There will be 6 new Hives, and 27 new Tiles. There will also be quality-of-life improvements in Operation 2, which can be seen here.

Gears 5's Operation 2: Free For All update will release on December 11th. Players can buy Operation 2: Free For All as a bundle that includes the new characters, the complete Eclipse weapon set, 1,000 Iron, and 30 days of Boost for $19.99. Heroes and Villains can be earned by playing or by purchasing them from the in-game store for 500 Iron each.

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