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  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
  • The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
  • Pokemon X/Y

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I write about video games, I live in beautifully sunny South Africa, my cats are delightful conversationalists and I'm current;y obsessed with collecting Combiner Wars Transformers. Life is fantastic right now!
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Mar 24, 2020

Kyloton's approach to speed in TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 2 is one that still carries with it absolute love and reverence for one of the greatest races on the planet, mixing a passion for performance and geography into a thrilling spectacle.

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9.5 / 10.0 - DOOM Eternal
Mar 17, 2020

DOOM Eternal is the most metal game in all of creation. It is rage and fire, the purity of armed combat dialled up to eleven and unleashed on a horde of eyeballs that simply aren't ready for the retina-searing action that's about to burn a new circle of hellish good fun into those ocular organs. Long live the Doom Slayer, long live the king of first-person shooters.

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8 / 10.0 - Syder Reloaded
Mar 12, 2020

There’s a banging soundtrack, the visuals look sharp across the Switch’s multiple playable formats and the action still feels as deliciously old school as ever. Everything you could possibly want from a white-knuckle schmup ride with Syder Reloaded.

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Mar 10, 2020

Warlords of New York is a massive leap forward for The Division 2, a fun diversion that aims to be less repetitive and more engaging. There's a big picture being developed here, one that'll make the trademark grind of The Division 2 more addictive than ever before as civil war rages on in the streets of the divided states of America.

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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue DX may be nostalgic to true believers of the original Blue and Red Rescue Team games, but it's a more shallow experience for everyone else that makes for an entirely forgettable experience.

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8 / 10.0 - Two Point Hospital
Mar 3, 2020

Whether you’re pining for the good ol’ days of sim management madness or you’re new to the idea of simulated insanity in the workplace, Two Point Hospital clearly has the cure for whatever ails you.

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10 / 10.0 - Dreams
Feb 18, 2020

Dreams is so many ideas at any given time. It is ambition given form, imagination given vibrant life and unlimited possibility waiting to be shaped with your hands. Unique and inspiring, there's no other game that even comes close to reaching Dreams and its intuitive approach to creating content and an experience that you never want to wake up from.

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Feb 3, 2020

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is the kind of game designed to allow you to switch off and engage your trigger fingers, mowing down entire armies of the undead and cracking a smile when you see a bullet explode through a Nazi's skull. Hitting the sweet spot between catharsis and challenge, Zombie Army 4: Dead War is an absolute thrill.

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Jan 31, 2020

Monster Energy Supercross 3 looks and sounds the part, but it's more likely to introduce a sensation of deja vroom than actual white knuckle excitement that befits a sensational sport.

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Jan 29, 2020

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a buffet of gameplay, ideas and diversions. It is a game that makes no bones at who it has in its crosshairs, aimed squarely at the fans who have made Dragon Ball Z the global phenomenon that it is. Much like its source material, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot isn't without faults but its enduring spirit of facing overwhelming odds head-on and conquering them, is one lesson that it has succeeded in learning.

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