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Jakejames Lugo has been writing & talking about video games for years. He's published content for outlets like IGN, The Koalition, PlayBoy, Pixelkin, and more; as well as hosted a variety of podcast shows about video games and pop culture. Jakejames has covered many industry events and conventions around the country, speaking with various industry professionals and celebrities. You can always find Jakejames publishing new reviews, making YouTube videos, hosting podcasts, and interacting with everyone on social media. Jakejames on MyIGN - http://people.ign.com/memegaman03 The Koalition Profile - thekoalition.com/author/theepicone

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 refines the gameplay to the absolute best of the series and offers a large roster of playable characters. Unfortunately, it squanders all of that potential with a short and poorly presented campaign fought against buggy AI, a forgettable Adventure Mode and online matches that are plagued with connectivity problems. The Ultimate Ninja Storm series sadly does not end on a high note.

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