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Been writing about video games for probably too long. Formerly Editor-in-Chief at Action Trip, now happily serves as a reviewer with PlayStation Lifestyle. Also reviews strategy guides and comics. Has a thing for owls, otters, and RPGs.
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8 / 10.0 - Bustafellows
Aug 4, 2021

When a girl has the ability to go back in time a few hours and she actually uses her powers for good, naturally this means she’s going to be thrown in a situation with five hot guys. I don’t know what else to expect when you have that kind of ability.

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Jun 7, 2021

While I loved every second of replaying Mass Effect for the fourth and definitely not final time, I have that history and nostalgia keeping me through the outdated gameplay. I would recommend anyone jump into this series if they love BioWare RPGs, but I’d have a string of caveats. A lot has not aged well, especially from the first game, even though the first game arguably has the best story of all three. The Mass Effect Legendary Edition is an absolutely incredible walk down memory lane, but that’s really all it is.

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8 / 10.0 - Outriders
Apr 24, 2021

Even with these problems, I had an absolute blast in Enoch, and I still am. The game doesn’t end when the credits roll, and there’s still so much left I can do. Not to mention, I could always re-roll another class.

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Apr 1, 2021

If you’ve always wanted to try out a Harvest Moon title, then Harvest Moon: One World is a great entry point. As I can attest, no prior knowledge of previous games is required. So go forth, farm, and save the world, one crop at a time.

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Jan 29, 2021

Ys IX had a lot of potential to clean up everything Ys VIII did wrong with the series, but instead, the developers decided to double-down on those previous decisions. At least in Ys VIII, the hideout where Dogi hangs out and the tower defense elements to protect it make some sense. In Ys IX, the hideout feels forced, and the tower defense element for the Grimwald Nox feels incredibly out of place and forced.

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6 / 10.0 - Cyberpunk 2077
Jan 5, 2021

I am seriously envious of my friends playing this game who aren’t having issues (mostly PC players), because I see glimpses of the greatness Cyberpunk 2077 has in store. Once CD Projekt Red works through these crashing and glitching issues, and maybe moves the console version of the game into at least a beta phase, it could be fantastic. I, for one, am looking forward to replaying the game with all new choices when Cyberpunk 2077 is fit for console launch.

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Dec 2, 2020

Ubisoft Quebec has created an incredibly fun (and funny) open world experience for the realm of the Grecian gods. It has its own combat style, narrative style, dungeon-crawling style, and, yes, art style. And it’s delightful.

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Nov 9, 2020

Overall, Ubisoft has created a very entertaining Vikings game, one that will only get better with patches for the visual weirdness. As long as you don’t expect Assassin’s Creed Valhalla to be like past AC games where the Order is tantamount to everything the main character does, AC fans will find plenty to enjoy.

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Oct 5, 2020

If otome games are your jam, then you’ll pick this one up regardless. However, this isn’t your typical otome, and you’re in for a real treat with these characters, the setting, the art (look at her dress up there!), and story full of twists and turns. Highly recommended to friends and family.

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6 / 10.0 - Windbound
Sep 6, 2020

In the end, after figuring out every Chapter was essentially second verse, same as the first, I stopped exploring. I stopped trying to get better gear. All I needed was enough food to keep me alive as I sail from one island to the next, climbing towers, activating beacons, rinse, and repeat.

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