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Favorite Games:
  • Final Fantasy Theathrythm: Curtain Call
  • MTG: Arena
  • Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

95 games reviewed
77.4 average score
80 median score
54.7% of games recommended

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Writer for ThisGenGaming. Male, born in 1987 I love Magic the gathering, videogames accross all platforms and anime.
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6.5 / 10.0 - Effie
Feb 18, 2021

Effie aims to bring back the nostalgic feelings for the 3D action-adventure games from the golden era on PS2 and certainly succeeds to some degree, but it’s missing an overall level of polish and has a few too many bugs to fully enjoy.

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8.5 / 10.0 - The Medium
Feb 1, 2021

The Medium’s dual reality gameplay is a fine showcase of what we can come to expect from the new generation of consoles. It starts off somewhat slow, but once the story gets going, its grip on you will not loosen until you see the credits roll.

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8.5 / 10.0 - Ring Fit Adventure
Jan 19, 2021

Ring Fit Adventure is the best possible motivator to get in shape. The RPG elements make it addictive enough that you’ll come back each day and there is plenty of content here to keep you busy for months!

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Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing is a title better swept under the rug. It offers a barebone experience with little to no content and the only saving grace is that they managed to make the actual broom handling feel very intuitive.

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80 / 100 - Until You Fall
Dec 9, 2020

Until You Fall delivers on its promise and makes you feel like a dual-wielding VR champion. It’s the perfect fit for a virtual reality arcade experience if you want to go for a few quick runs, but eventually, the repetitive nature of the genre will catch up.

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80 / 100 - Cubism
Dec 4, 2020

Cubism is a zen VR puzzling experience that is easy to get into yet that will tickle your grey matter in interesting ways. It doesn’t have much of a replay value, but the 60 puzzles are well worth the low investment. A must-play for every Quest owner!

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Nov 25, 2020

Mortal Kombat has never been better. It blends gameplay from all past generations and adds new elements into a potent and bloody mix. The Fatalities are as gruesome as you’d expect, the fighting mechanics are extremely satisfying and a well-thought-out story mode elevates it into the top tier of fighting games. It’s been in my weekly rotation for over a year and seems like it will hold the spot! Flawless Victory!

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Nov 18, 2020

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory offers a nostalgic trip through the greatest soundtracks the series has to offer with dozens of hours of content. If you’re a fan of rhythm games, this offers possibly one of most content-rich experiences out there and if you’re into Kingdom Hearts, I won’t even have to sell you on this as you’re probably already playing.

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80 / 100 - Just Dance 2021
Nov 16, 2020

Just Dance 2021 is a fun game to play with the entire family. It’s one of the most accessible titels imaginable and you’re sure to have a blast, but the included songs will soon outstay their welcome and you’ll kind of be forced to check out the Just Dance Unlimited subscription.

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Nov 12, 2020

Liftoff does what it sets out to do amazingly well, offering a realistic simulation experience for veteran drone pilots and still managing to be entertaining for the casual gamer. But the first target demographic will probably get a lot more mileage out it than the latter.

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