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Gaming since the 90s, hoping for Mega Man Legends 3 to come out one day.
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Nov 20, 2020

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War serves as another example of how the series has been slowly trending downward, with more preventable issues cloaked in a cover of high-end graphics.

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Nov 13, 2020

Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales takes what made Marvel's Spider-Man great and builds on it. Having the new Spider-Man Miles Morales finally taking on the role of Spider-Man after his mentor Peter leaves for Europe. Miles must take on new challenges that will test his mettle and allow him to develop into his own Spider-Man. The story has some highs and lows, taking references from Peter's journey but leaves on a high note.

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Man of Medan was a mostly mediocre start to The Dark Pictures Anthology as it focused less on the supernatural and more on loosely connected events with some chemistry. It had a lot of flaws and just didn't have the same impact as Until Dawn but Little Hope is a step in the right direction. Offering a complex and layered story with scares and hidden details required to get the full picture of this tragic story.

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Oct 30, 2020

Watch Dogs has had an interesting history. The first game was full of problematic stories involving a downgraded PC version and a game full of bland repetitive missions with poor rewards. The second game was a huge step forward in the right direction by offering a new diverse cast of characters, cleverly crafted missions, and a more engaging story as technology is used to control the populist in realistic ways such as tracking their health and daily lives. So where does that leave Watch Dogs Legion, right in the middle? Well, yea. The game's concept of recruiting London citizens off the street to fight against the tyrants who run the city sounds amazing until you get halfway and realize that the random collection of NPCs that make your team are just that, random NPCs. Instead, Watch Dogs Legion is more of what the first game should've been and a step back from Watch Dogs 2.

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Angry Video Game Nerd I & II Deluxe is a playable tribute to the long history of the Nerd and offers a challenging retro experience full of funny moments that will appeal to fans and retro gamers.

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Sep 19, 2020

Super Mario 3D All-Stars contains some of Mario's best adventures but as a 35th-anniversary collection, it falls short of what should be a celebration of one of the biggest figures in entertainment

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55 / 100 - Tell Me Why
Sep 11, 2020

Tell Me Why takes a more personal direction than previous Dontnod titles. Unlike the Life is Strange series which involved the lives of dozens, something hundreds, of people Tell Me Why has twin siblings simply looking for answers about their past. With a story that provides limited narrative diversity, simple branching paths, and an overall lukewarm ending. Tell Me Why is a checklist of everything a basic story needs to reach mediocrity.

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Aug 25, 2020

No Straight Roads is a powerful journey through one of the most imaginative and creative worlds this year. With masterfully crafted bosses housed in lush environments teeming with detail and a world brimming with life. Mayday and Zuke are brilliant as a dynamic duo that share a deep connection that is conveyed so well you'll feel like you've known them for years. No Straight Roads overflows with visual and audio excellence that makes you crave more but unfortunately, the journey ends too soon.

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65 / 100 - Battletoads
Aug 21, 2020

Battletoads has a notorious reputation among older gamers as both an incredibly challenging yet insanely wacky series. The franchise was one of Rare's smash hits but has been on a multi-decade hiatus and limited to cameo appearances until now. With Dlala Studios reviving the dormant franchise with a brand new entry that remains loyal to the original beat 'em up formula but with cartoonish hand-drawn visuals. Battletoads is a surprisingly amusing and lighthearted title with a charming story and fun combat and serves as a great new start for the franchise. If only it didn't release it with a major technical issue.

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Jul 27, 2020

Destroy All Humans! was a unique title when it launched back in 2005. With players taking the role of an alien invader set on conquering Earth and taking revenge. The first title was well-received for having players play as the villain but lack variety and was short for a full-price title. There were 2 more games after the first, with the third game being the final due to poor sales and reception and the series being dormant. THQ Nordic has revived the franchise and remade the first game for modern gamers to enjoy and older gamers to revisit but this isn’t a simple HD remake. Black Forest Games has provided a refreshing update to the dated visuals and massive improvements to the core gameplay. Destroy All Humans! doesn’t take itself seriously and in doing so provides a fun and short adventure as you kill humans and conquer Earth in the name of the Furon Empire.

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