Носков Сергей
May 27, 2016 - PC

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35MM Media

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Critic Reviews for 35MM

35MM tries a lot of things but succeeds at only a few of those things. There's a unique tale here, but you have to get past many limitations along the way.

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35MM is a messy blend of multiple genres lacking any clear definition or direction. The tense atmosphere that it builds isn't enough to keep you invested and definitely needs more depth in its gameplay, story, and performance. This is a real shame, as there is clear potential for this to be far better than what we have received.

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Sergey Noskov's post-apocalyptic game packs several interesting elements within the frame, but the picture is out of focus.

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35mm tries hard to be more than just a walking simulator. It stumbles in this endeavor and forgets that a good walking simulator can still be a pretty entertaining experience. The game falls short of the experience offered by popular titles in the same genre like Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture or What Remains of Edith Finch.

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35mm misses the mark when it comes to its survival adventure experience. The grayscale Russian countryside conveys the lonely brutality that comes with the game’s particular brand of post-apocalypse quite well. However, due to sluggish mechanics and all-too-similar repeated environments, the intrigue of exploration runs its course quickly. All of these things considered, I 35mm is challenging to recommend to any player that’s not seeking a niche type of “survival” game. Even then, there are much better experiences within the genre to be found.

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35MM might start off at a slow pace – a really slow pace – but under-the-radar character and story development, and unsettling action sequences build to a climactic revelation that will make you feel sorry for even thinking about not finishing the game.

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Sergey Noskov has crafted interesting characters, a powerful melancholy mood, and a convincing sense of place. Regrettably, the gameplay elements that surround the narrative aren't up to par.

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35MM is a promising narrative experience with a complimentary tone that reflects the demanding world humans find themselves in. The problem is that everything else just doesn't work well, from the technical problems to the stale gameplay.

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