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Lust From Beyond

Movie Games S.A.
Mar 11, 2021 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Lust From Beyond

A disturbing game, based on the works of HP Lovecraft, with interesting gameplay mechanics and artistic influences, but somme technical issues. We like the use of explicit elements in order to make the player uncomfortable.

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Unknown Author
7 / 10

Lust from Beyond is one of those few games that can eventually gain cult status thanks to an interesting story ideas and shocking themes, even for a modern player.

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Lust From Beyond is a difficult title to review. On one hand, there are a variety of technical issues and design limitations, likely due to budget constraints, that make the game look dated. However, there is a nice variety of content and areas throughout the game and the story is deep and robust. The game is linear, but there are moments when it doesn’t feel linear – and there are some choices you can make that do impact certain outcomes. It’s rare that a game can create an adventure, filled with sex and nudity, without it feeling like it’s just about the sex and nudity.

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Lust from Beyond is a more-than-average first person adventure dealing with difficult topics, such as psychiatric diseases, sexuality and the very idea of a cult based exclusively on physical pleasure. It does so by building an almost convincing narrative structure, without skimping on the crude representation of sex and violence, managing to maintain a difficult balance with all the other components of the game. The technical quality, however, is fluctuating, with 3D models that seem to come out of some game 20 years ago, animations at the limit of decency and sudden "coughs" of the script.

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Lust From Beyond is a terrible game with weak ideas so juvenile they’re laughable and exhausting.

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Taking inspiration from Lovecraft, Giger and Beksinski, Lust from Beyond lures you in with hints of erotic exploration... mixed with psychological horror.

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"I'd definitely come back to check on a sequel but it would be out of wary curiosity, not excitement. Still, I think a lot more can be done in this space and hope to see the Lust franchise continue to flourish and evolve something special come from it in the future."

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Lust from Beyond is a different kind of survival horror, but is held back by a bad IA and simplistic level design.

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