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Charles is the senior editor of Gaming LYF. Self proclaimed industry news addict, currently researching ways to feed Twitter, Reddit and other news sources straight into his veins.
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Sep 23, 2019

The Surge 2 is more of a side step, than a step up. The game's strong combat remains, with an improved variety of weapons and locations to explore, alongside some smart mechanical changes such as the drone. Unfortunately the game's frustrating difficulty spikes, infuriatingly punishing new block mechanic and extensive range of niggles and issues lead to an inconsistent experience overall. Big fans of the original will likely still enjoy The Surge 2, but others may want to look elsewhere.

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Sep 10, 2019

GreedFall punches way above its weight thanks to some excellent writing, surprisingly in-depth RPG mechanics, a strong presentation and plenty of interesting quest lines. Whilst it's a little rough around the edges in areas such as the undeniably poor lip syncing and occasional bugs, this is still a fantastic RPG. GreedFall is well worth the asking price - RPG fans will find a lot to love here.

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Aug 25, 2019

Control is a fantastic game that comes so close to being an absolutely incredible one. Providing some of the best gameplay Remedy have created since Max Payne, it's an undoubtedly fun game with an intriguing story. Some areas such as the weapon and environment variety only slightly negatively impact what's an otherwise brilliant title.

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Jun 24, 2019

The Sinking City is an incredibly ambitious open world detective title which punches way above its weight thanks to various refreshing mechanics, an engaging narrative and some impressively alluring world design. Combat woes, a rigid open world and numerous technical issues unfortunately let what's otherwise a great game down. However, The Sinking City is still well worth a look.

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Jun 4, 2019

Warhammer: Chaosbane is a terrific action-RPG that features satisfying combat alongside a superb skill system. The game lacks variety in crucial areas such as the loot, environments and enemies, but it still ends up being a blast to play - particularly in co-op. Over time this could become one of the ARPG greats, right now it's a solid entry to the genre that lays some excellent foundations for the future.

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Is Little Friends: Dogs & Cats worth buying? For fans of Nintendogs absolutely, the game is a charming pleasant experience filled to the brim with cuteness. For more avid gamers though the lack of depth and minigame variety could be an absolute deal-breaker.

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May 20, 2019

RAGE 2 is a bombastic blast to play from beginning to end. The game's combat offers some of the most satisfyingly enjoyable shooting found in a video game in years. Whilst the open world elements add little to the package with repetitive side content, the core gameplay loop is more than enjoyable throughout. At 30fps base console owners should beware, ideally experienced on the enhanced consoles or a PC. RAGE 2 is simply a straight up fun video game.

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A Plague Tale Innocence isn't a flawless experience, but it's certainly a superb one. The game features plenty of solid stealth and puzzle mechanics, an intriguing narrative, some beautiful environments, and one of the best video game soundtracks in recent memory. It's a title which puts fairly unknown developer Asobo Studio firmly on the map. A Plague Tale is well worth your hard earned cash.

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Apr 29, 2019

Mortal Kombat 11 is one of the best fighting games released in a long time. A superb bombastic story, awesomely refined fighting mechanics and stunning production values. It also features far too many unrewarding and unfulfilling grindy mechanics tied to the game's Towers of Time and Krypt modes. If developer NRS resolve those issues, the game is a must buy. Until that point though, buyer beware.

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Apr 23, 2019

World War Z is one of the biggest surprises this year so far. It's a ton of fun, especially with a good group of friends. There's a decent amount of content on offer for the game's lower than average retail price, some super impressive zombie horde tech and a beefy progression system. It's not without its flaws though, with numerous areas in need of tightening up such as gunplay feedback and movement, but despite that the game is absolutely still worth picking up.

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