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Hyper Jam

Bit Dragon
Feb 12, 2019 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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82 / 100
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8 / 10
PSX Brasil
80 / 100
Handsome Phantom
8 / 10
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Hyper Jam | Release Date Trailer

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Hyper Jam - PAX AUS 2017 Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Hyper Jam

Hyper Jam is a cool idea with a great style is stunted by a lack of variety and imagination

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Hyper Jam's core gameplay is engaging and fun with friends and against random opponents. Its style is bold and vibrant giving the game a memorable vibe. However, a lack of progression and variety means this is a game I will only break out for 30 minutes of fun when I have friends over.

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Hyper Jam is the perfect couch game with some friends, or a palette cleanser from other denser AAA titles. It will definitely stay in my rotation of games to play with my buddies whenever I have the opportunity. This lightweight arena brawler is a stylish delight.

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That is the quintessential fun of Hyper Jam and it allowed me to look past a few of its annoyances. Slowly ticking toward the end of the game as the 1,500 point marker draws closer and tactically choosing which power-ups and battle strategies would yield greater chances at victory became an addicting affair. The joy of winning a closely contested match by knocking an opponent out of the arena or timing a perfect block that would send their own projectile back at them is the reason that competitive games were created.

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It's light on content, but it's a fantastically frantic mutliplayer brawler with style and some great gameplay ideas

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Despite the lack of content Bit Dragon has made a fun new multiplayer arena game in Hyper Jam. Anyone can pick it up and play and things like the perk system and weapons help keep things different enough as you play round to round. Even more importantly is how good it looks and sounds while doing so.

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Even with its limited amount of content, Hyper Jam is a very fun game. Its cyberpunk aesthetic, fast-paced and intense combat and the systems that make every round different and unique are great. It is a game that can be enjoyed for hours and hours online or, specially, with friends on a couch.

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Despite its simple premise and familiar aesthetic, Hyper Jam delivers an intense, fun experience that we really cannot recommend enough. This is a game PlayStation owners should pickup.

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