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8.2 / 10.0 - Outriders
Apr 6, 2021

Giving Outriders a score is a tougher challenge than I thought. The core gameplay loop is fun, incredibly so when it clicks, the loot system is well thought out and wielding the powers of the Anomaly is power-tripping. But the game is also a slow burner, enemy variety is disappointingly poor, there is no scaling of content for party members of lower levels, and audio and animations aren't always that great. But the core is good, and we have faith that People Can Fly will polish those rough edges.

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9.6 / 10.0 - It Takes Two
Mar 24, 2021

It Takes Two is absolutely stellar. Extremely varied, never boring, fun and exciting to play, incredibly pretty and with great character writing. If you enjoy cooperative play, you owe it to yourself to play it.

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Feb 9, 2021

Little Nightmares II is based on the relationship between Six and Mono, both from a narrative and a gameplay perspective, and there will be heart-pounding situations where you will come to wonder how much you are willing to push yourself to get both children safe from this spiral of pure terror. If you enjoyed the original game, this new chapter is another little gem worth buying.

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8.2 / 10.0 - Haven
Dec 14, 2020

Haven is a great comfort game. Relaxing music, pleasant color palette, dialogues that are often light but never empty. Yu and Kay's adventure on source never fails to be entertaining, and if the combat seems a bit shallow at first, it will certainly put you to the test as you progress. Some things could be better, of course; but after the excellent Furi, Haven is another proof of The Game Bakers' competence.

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9.4 / 10.0 - Hades
Sep 22, 2020

Hades is an exceptional game. It's got a fun gameplay loop, incredible visual design, good animations and a ton of story and dialogue (and it's all voice acted!). Definitely Supergiant's best game to date, and a must-play both for roguelike fans and newcomers to the genre.

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8.2 / 10.0 - Iron Harvest
Aug 31, 2020

For a first foray into the RTS genre, Iron Harvest 1920+ is a very good proof of competence. It's not perfect; while it's rich in singleplayer content, six maps is too little of a pool for multiplayer, and the gameplay could use some refinement. But it's a solid start, and the potential for greater things is definitely there.

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