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Apr 15, 2021

I think the main problem with Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 as a whole, is it doesn't know what it wants to be. It gets stuck somewhere in between wanting to be an arcade style racer, and a Monster Truck Sim, and because of this, it fails in both categories, and leaves no one happy. Skip this one.

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3 / 5.0 - Glyph
Mar 5, 2021

I wanted to enjoy Glyph more than I did. The framework is there: fluid gameplay, beautiful art style, and with over one hundred levels, the game will keep a determined gamer entertained for many hours. But the developers set an unreasonably high bar for progression; one that required me to put the game down multiple times out of exasperation. Newer gamers: beware, but for seasoned players looking for a real challenge, Glyph could be your next rage-inducing favorite.

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4 / 5.0 - Encodya
Feb 5, 2021

Encodya, is a charming point and click adventure, that harkens back to the glory days of the Genre. While Grim Fandango this is not, people who love the genre, will love Encodya.

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Jan 28, 2021

Sword of the Necromancer is a gem of a game. While visually it can look a little repetitive, the game is honestly a ton of fun. I think this one may be a game people remember for a long time.

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