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Assemble Entertainment, Chaosmonger Studio
Jan 26, 2021 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Encodya

Encodya has some lovely elements – the soundtrack, a few interesting plays on dystopian fiction and the heart at the core of its story – but uninteresting puzzles, lack of environmental variety, and unremarkable storytelling mean I can't recommend it over its contemporaries.

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Encodya truly has some neat aspects going for it. Endearing characters, beautiful art design, solid quality of life features. However, none of those are enough to overcome a heavy-handed narrative and some messy gameplay mechanics. Encodya is a sometimes passable, middling take on Cyberpunk, and an average point-and-click adventure.

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Despite being a low budget game, Encodya is a solid and convincing point-and-click adventure, capable to leave a smile on the face of the genre's fans.

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It’s interesting how ENCODYA began as a short film called ‘Robot Will Protect You’ before becoming a game and story. It is a wonderful adventure and honestly, Tina and SAM’s relationship was nothing but heartwarming. For fans of the point-and-click genre or a good cyberpunk-themed story, you should definitely check this one out as it’s certainly worth a try. I’m hoping the frame rate issue is because of the age of my machine and not because of possible poor optimization for the previous generations of consoles, or that a patch is forthcoming to address the problem.

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We might define Encodya as a casual adventure. Although it doesn't add anything new to the genre and it's very easy to complete, we can't deny that Chaosmonger was brave enough to bring back to life an almost forgotten gameplay, with a good and compelling story. The dark atmosphere of the dystopian world clashes with the innocence of the little protagonist in a game whose lack of complexity could turn out to be a winning move, hooking new players to a genre that has been experiencing a crisis for many years now.

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Encodya brings an atmospheric, cyberpunk feel to a well-worn genre, but with a mundane plot and puzzles, it fails to capitalise on its setting.

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I’m a big fan of point and click adventure games, and Encodya was such a genuinely earnest attempt at capturing the magic of the genre that I’m disappointed I didn’t enjoy it more. I wanted to like it, the whole time I was playing I was waiting for a moment when I would realise that I was loving the game, but it never came. It was too referential and the puzzles too simple for it to capture the feeling of a King’s Quest or Monkey Island. I can see elements of what is a very good game, but as a whole, it falls a little flat.

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Encodya is a disappointing attempt at reviving the point-and-click genre. It has none of the charm or challenge of the greats of the past and offers nothing new.

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