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Bolverk Games
Feb 1, 2021 - Nintendo Switch

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Glyph - Launch trailer | Free VR platformer (2019) thumbnail

Glyph - Launch trailer | Free VR platformer (2019)

Glyph - Announcement trailer | Free VR platformer (2019) thumbnail

Glyph - Announcement trailer | Free VR platformer (2019)

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Critic Reviews for Glyph

Glyph is a soothing puzzle platformer, which, despite its sparse appearance has plenty of bounce, challenging you with its literal sandbox gameplay.

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While there was never anything frustrating enough to make someone want to stop playing the game, the lack of new mechanics as the game goes on makes it hard to come back. It's a shame because Glyph is truly a beautifully designed game that could become a great title to speedrun, so long as future updates make Glyph easier to control. Ultimately, Glyph is a beautiful game that fell short in some pretty important places, but still deserves a chance from those looking for a relaxed gaming experience.

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With smooth, stable gameplay, Glyph is truly a joy to play. The exploration levels in particular are incredibly creative, with plenty of collectables to keep you occupied. The accompanying soundtrack deserves a special mention too; the ambient music really suits the tone of the game, and the way it swells when you’ve collected all of the required keys is excellent. The only major downside is the time trial levels; if you enjoy this kind of thing, you can bump the score up by one point, but there were a few too many of these levels for our liking.

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Glyph is a 3D platformer that offers players a unique gameplay experience set in a barren wasteland. What the game lacks in charm, it makes up for in satisfying mechanics.

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I wanted to enjoy Glyph more than I did. The framework is there: fluid gameplay, beautiful art style, and with over one hundred levels, the game will keep a determined gamer entertained for many hours. But the developers set an unreasonably high bar for progression; one that required me to put the game down multiple times out of exasperation. Newer gamers: beware, but for seasoned players looking for a real challenge, Glyph could be your next rage-inducing favorite.

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Whether you’re a hardcore platforming speedrunner, or someone who wants to try their hand at a platformer a little more difficult than you’re typical Nintendo fare. I’d be hard-pressed not to recommend Glyph.

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Glyph manages to walk a balance regarding its game mechanics that many other titles struggle to get right. Whether you want to uncover every secret, or just get lost in some platforming, Glyph has you covered.

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Yes, having to replay the same section time and again until you get your jump, timing and execution just right can be infuriating, but when you do nail a section, it comes with a great sense of achievement. No matter how difficult its challenges become, Glyph is a game that begs you to keep going. And thanks to its charming design and beautiful environments, it’s likely that you will.

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