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Feb 15, 2022

Whilst this Empires title deviates slightly from the standard Dynasty Warriors formula, it is still fun if you’re looking for a hack and slash game with a bit more strategy. There are issues that plague the game, especially with the use of an open world that lacks reasons to explore and the absence of same-sex marriage. Although with that said, Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires still can be interesting during the siege battles and the beautiful character customisation. At least it’s relaxing to tear a new one into the cannon fodder!

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Jan 17, 2022

Aery – Dreamscape is an interesting game. But with five Aery games already out, has EpiXR Games already flown too close to the sun? Dreamscape’s storytelling is quirky, by looking into the dreams of those around us, we can understand each other more. With different levels and a unique hub world, it’s clear there’s passion. But considering that subtitles are sometimes missing, objects glitching, and markers not showing at all, maybe it’s best to give Dreamscape a miss.

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Dec 7, 2021

2pt Interactive’s first foray into the console and PC world is astounding for such a small team. Heavenly Bodies’ graphics, aesthetics, and sounds are beautiful. The introduction of different control modes is also great, with a clear and commendable focus on accessibility. The difficult-to-master controls is where players may find a challenge in engaging with the title, with unclear missions adding to the disorderly feeling. While short, the game is replayable enough with different coop partners and challenges. Consider jumping in with a friend, because cooperative fun can help camouflage some of the game’s rougher edges.

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