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MX vs ATV Legends

Rainbow Studios, THQ Nordic
Jun 28, 2022 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PC

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Critic Reviews for MX vs ATV Legends

MX vs ATV Legends plays well for the most part, and despite some issues with the AI and a streamlined career, there's still a lot to like.

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MX vs ATV Legends has a solid core. The arcade-style racing with motocross bikes and four-wheelers is fun, though repetitive over the course of the years-long career mode. Even allowing that Legends does not aspire to shiny, triple-A brilliance, the game’s performance, audio and up-close visuals can be pretty lackluster. The nicely varied tracks and huge natural environments compete with stuttering framerates and canned animations. With Legends, the franchise has moved closer to the finish line in many ways. In others, it still seems stalled at the starting line.

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I wish them well, and truly hope that the fans of this long running franchise get the game they ultimately deserve because as it stands this just feels like it could have been so much better with a bit more time in the oven. MX vs ATV Legends is by no means a horrible game, as I said the thrills of the motocross racing and stunts is a high point, as is the racing of the dune buggy but the graphics and all of the issues with multiplayer really sully the experience, especially for someone who has been away from the series since the beginning.

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If there’s one bright spot, it’s the new “trails” game mode, a checkpoint-type race that has more varied terrain. It’s quite fun, and very chaotic, serving as the high point amid innumerable lows. And that about sums MX vs. ATV Legends up: at its core, this is a buggy, flawed mess that falls far short of other racers on the market.

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Compared to the disastrous MX vs ATV: All Out, Rainbow Studios has taken not one but two steps forward. MX vs ATV Legends is surprisingly fun and features a good amount of content.

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With the existence of massive performance issues, MX vs ATV Legends just can't compete with any of the top racing games. The best part of the game is driving around in free mode and exploring open areas with a good soundtrack playing in the background. However, actually racing is a struggle, and it's hard to enjoy coming in first place after repeating a race due to glitches. Overall, MX vs ATV Legends has frustrating, repetitive content that lacks any significantly rewarding experience.

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‎Being honest with you, it is ‎‎a delivery that I thought I could offer myself more‎‎, as I said the essence has it. The open world, the great circuits with impossible jumps and acrobatics that will leave you with your mouth open, in addition this MX vs ATV Legends has a graphic aspect that meets but is tarnished by the ‎‎large "popping"‎‎ it has. Another point in favor for some is that it also has dubbing in Latin Spanish. But the weakest point at least for me, comes with the handling of the vehicle, I notice the ‎‎very rough gameplay‎‎ and with options that should still be polished a little more. In addition to that I think the sound is also quite improvable.‎

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MX vs ATV Legends has a legacy behind it, but it doesn’t bring anything to the table to bring new concepts to the genre. While it’s fun enough to ride around on bikes and have the driver ragdoll their way down the hill, there are some persistent issues like vehicle performance and video quality. Subtitles are cut off mid-sentence so reading it is awkward, and there is a real lack of accessibility options for those who need it. Music choices are rad, as there’s some more modern-ish music in it, mixed with some older ones. Overall, MX vs ATV Legends is a fun racer to goof off with your friends, but nothing to seriously sink your teeth into.

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