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A Little to the Left

Max Inferno , Secret Mode
Nov 8, 2022 - PC

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A Little to the Left - Cozy Organizational Puzzle Game (Gameplay Trailer 1) thumbnail

A Little to the Left - Cozy Organizational Puzzle Game (Gameplay Trailer 1)

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A Little To The Left (Teaser Trailer)

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Critic Reviews for A Little to the Left


No Recommendation / Blank

Slick puzzle design finds itself at odds with the creativity of organising that A Little to the Left wants to evoke.

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A pleasant and, at times, playful soundtrack, fun visual effects, and the occasional light interference of a mischievous cat add to an overall charming package. A Little to the Left may have left me scratching my head in confusion at times, but more often, it left me pleased and content with the neatly arranged spaces I created.

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A Little to the Left is a charming and refreshingly cosy puzzle game to sink into. From the tone of the puzzles to the mischievous intrusions of a fluffy white cat, it's a simple delight, only let down by a few more obscure puzzles and fussy controls for certain object interactions.

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God is a Geek

Lyle Carr
8 / 10.0
God is a Geek

A Little to the Left isn't for fans of fast paced action, but if you need some cosy puzzles on these cold winter nights then it has you covered.

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If you love to arrange things, this puzzle game is made for you – and if you don't, it might persuade you how gratifying neatness can be

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A Little to the Left is a satisfyingly methodical puzzler that had me feeling relaxed from the minute I started shifting items around. Every part of the game feels intricately crafted to feel as relaxing as possible and each puzzles offers a real sense of satisfaction that I don't often get from other games.

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The "little" in the title also summarises the game's length. As with most games like this, you'll likely finish it in three to four hours, which for some is a perfect length considering how long it takes to finish other games being released these days. Nevertheless, the experience itself is charming, with a lovely soundtrack, and interesting puzzles to solve. If you're after another cosy game to play, then you will likely enjoy yourself.

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The game's simple nature binds a Little to the Left, but it achieves its aims very well. Even when testing your brain with a puzzle, it is a calming game. It offers various puzzles, some with multiple solutions, a daily puzzle to keep coming back to, and a little amusing narrative in the background that all cat owners will find familiar. This is a game I've enjoyed, and I can find myself returning to it, offering an excellent refresher and palate cleanser.

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