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Heavenly Bodies

2pt Interactive
Dec 7, 2021 - PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC

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Critic Reviews for Heavenly Bodies

Even in the frustrating moments when the controls seem to have it out for you, there’s so much to like about Heavenly Bodies. It’s a wonderful concept for a game, it’s impressively polished, and it’s hyper-focused in the best way. It feels like the devs took their time.

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‎A small surprise that recreates the aesthetics and some situations of the space cinema of the 70s with enough sympathy and success, and that we can also enjoy in local cooperative. It is not especially long and has some control failure, but it exudes so much sympathy and is so funny, that everything is forgiven.‎

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A brief fumble in the darkness of space, Heavenly Bodies is designed to beguile you with floaty, physics based puzzles. It will scramble your brains as you perform the most straightforward of tasks, at times testing your sanity and (if playing in co-op) the strength of any relationship.

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13 / 20

Heavenly Bodies is a great experience as long as you have the patience to tame the gameplay, which can spin from cramps to the most tense, and have the chance to play with a pair which will offer some sequences of laughter.

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Once you have your head wrapped around it, Heavenly Bodies offers up wonderfully tactile puzzles, and the DualSense is really put through its paces. The game is rather short, but it does give you more to do after beating each mission. We should also mention there are three levels of control available, with the easiest allowing you to "swim" through the air (or lack of). While we do think there's a good time to be had here, be aware you'll need some patience to find the fun.

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Much like Manual Samuel and other titles of that ilk, Heavenly Bodies certainly feels tailor-made for the streaming scene. With its penchant for generating knee-slapping laughs and red-faced moments of white hot anger that are both best enjoyed with friends and in front of a captive audience (not to mention the speedrunning mode that would arguably garner a fair audience), 2pt Interactive have certainly crafted a commendably enjoyable co-operative yarn that should last well into the holidays and beyond.

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2pt Interactive’s first foray into the console and PC world is astounding for such a small team. Heavenly Bodies’ graphics, aesthetics, and sounds are beautiful. The introduction of different control modes is also great, with a clear and commendable focus on accessibility. The difficult-to-master controls is where players may find a challenge in engaging with the title, with unclear missions adding to the disorderly feeling. While short, the game is replayable enough with different coop partners and challenges. Consider jumping in with a friend, because cooperative fun can help camouflage some of the game’s rougher edges.

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Heavenly Bodies deploys a fantastical movement system and clever puzzle design in service of a decent enough time on your own but probably deserves to be experienced with a friend.

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