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Available on:PCFeb 17, 2014

Developer: PD Design Studio

Genre: Platformer

Revenge will consume you, but redemption will push you to your breaking point. Play as Dusty, a multi- weapon wielding warrior ready to face loads of outlawed criminals, dangerous creatures and the ruthless evil villain that rules them all. Meet friends along the way with new weapons and talents, journey through lavishly drawn environments and work together to fulfil your unquenchable thirst for vengeance. Players can call upon two support characters, Rondel the artillery support who tramples enemies with his massive rocket launchers, and McCoy the sharpshooter who takes down loads of enemies stealthily with his deadly accurate rifle.

Dusty Revenge Critic Reviews

Dusty Revenge is a solid effort by PDDesignStudio, but it lacks the polish to really be put into the pantheon of brawlers. The good news is there's tons of promise, the art style is gorgeous, and as a general rule, the technical systems are in place to really make things pop with a sequel. With a little more polish, Dusty Revenge would be a pretty decent recommendation, but until then, only the hardiest of brawler fans need to apply.

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The game unfortunately has no multiplayer of any kind. It's a real bummer because I think it would have benefited from it. It's going to be a solo run for players. Still, the game can last well into the four hour mark if not more.

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Dusty Revenge has lots of potential and looks very eye-catching. The combat system is satisfying enough despite some cheap enemy tactics, and the boss fights are quite good. However, the camera/HUD issues and the limited use of sound is disappointing, and collision issues and bugs pop up often. The varying quality on the controls can infuriate, especially during the platforming segments in the latter half of the game. For $10, the experience is still worth it but only if you've already played the better titles in the genre.

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