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Any fan of AVGN should pick this one up. There is a ton of fan service, and the entire time I had a smile on my face. There were even times I was kind of shocked to see what was happening on screen. Platform fans will have a ball here too. It is a nice homage to games of the past and one that I think everyone should give a shot. It’s a great deal.

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Apr 14, 2021

That being said, even I can say this is a must play for people that want a big game with some challenging combat and all the bells and whistles that come with the genre, and this PC version runs and looks just as good as one would expect.

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9.5 / 10.0 - Monster Hunter Rise
Apr 13, 2021

I have written a lot here and feel like I have only scratched the surface. Monster Hunter Rise had big shoes to fill after coming off the heels of World, and man, did they come through swinging hard. They hit a homerun here, and with taking things from all the previous games have created a game with a great setting, fun and flashy combat, tons of customization option, and wonderful traversal. This is a fantastic game for both the newcomer to the series as well as the veteran.

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Mar 2, 2021

Even with the small faults it has, that doesn’t keep Space Assault from being a great time. The action is both familiar and fun, the visuals are pretty great, and at the price of 10 bucks, you can’t really beat it. I had a great time with Redout: Space Assault; it brought back some old fond memories and let me feel like an ace space pilot with some simple controls that anyone can pick up and play. If you’re a fan of Star Fox, this is one that you don’t want to miss.

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7 / 10.0 - Bonkies
Feb 17, 2021

Bonkies has a place in the party game universe, and it succeeds in making an entertaining night for players that have a good grasp on video games. Unfortunately, for the players looking for a new couch co-op game to play with non-gaming friends, this mayend up being a one and done kind of game.Luckily, there is a single player that is pretty decent for when the friends actually do go home. If you’re into puzzle games with a deliberate frustrating twist, this is your game. If you don’t think you can handle the semi-rare feeling of completing a level, you may want to wait for a price drop, at least.

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Feb 4, 2021

At the end of the day, I’m not here to judge the players or the market for this version of the game, I’m here to judge the actual game. From what I played, I can see a person picking this up and still having a fun time with it, but if I had the option to play it on another system or PC, I would choose to play it there. The resolution is an eyesore to say the least, but the gameplay is still smooth and works very well for the entire game. Take that as you will.

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8.5 / 10.0 - Shady Part of Me
Jan 28, 2021

Overall, The Shady Part of Me was a good time. There were times I didn’t know what was going on in the story, but the simple feel of its mechanics while still keeping the complexity of the puzzles really kept me going. Its a really interesting game that I think puzzle platforming fans should try, and with its rewind feature and the bit-sized progression aspects, it makes the entire thing an enjoyable time all the way though.

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6.5 / 10.0 - Landflix Odyssey
Dec 30, 2020

In the end, Landflix Odyssey is a decent game. Sure, it can be a bit lame on the originality, but the platforming works well and the gimmick for each show is fun. There will be times you’ll be fed up with the trial and error style of gameplay, but I always found myself going back to it for one more try. It is definitely one of those game where you have to play it not the way you would but how the developers made it. For the platforming fans, it’s a decent trip. If you’re not really into perfecting a level in a game, I would suggest looking somewhere else for your platforming fix.

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3 / 10.0 - Slide Stars
Dec 15, 2020

I feel like I’ve typed more about Slide Stars than I probably should have. It’s a short-lived clunky game that is priced at a whopping 40 bucks. No way would I pay that for this game. This is an eight dollar experience at best. While it’s never broken, it is never something I found myself wanting to complete. In fact, I don’t see the proper audience for this at all. Obviously someone younger than me, but good luck getting a kid to play this one for longer than about 10 minutes.

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Dec 3, 2020

Observer is still a fascinating game with a compelling story and some really interesting set pieces that both confuse, scare, and bring out emotion. Fans of the adventure genre, especially ones that include investigation and a great cyberpunk coat of paint on it, should pick this one up. Players that already own the original version of Observer may want to think twice if they’re looking for a high-profile visual upgrade. While it’s no slouch in the graphics department, I don’t know if it’s worth double dipping for that.

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