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Circus Electrique

Zen Studios, Saber Interactive
Sep 6, 2022 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

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God is a Geek
8.5 / 10
Game Rant
4 / 5
PC Invasion
7 / 10
Gaming Nexus
8 / 10
Push Square
5 / 10
8 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Circus Electrique

Circus Electrique combines tricky turn-based combat and circus management to create a wonderful game for those willing to learn all the mechanics.

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Circus Electrique combines strategy, resource management, and exploration to create an intriguing but demanding adventure with heart.

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Circus Electrique has a plethora of intriguing ideas. Unfortunately, most of these don't mesh well with the core gameplay, leading to a tedious romp.

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Circus Electrique is complex and daunting at first glance. But when approached with an unhurried mindset, this RPG/management hybrid can be deeply rewarding. While the steampunk story elements are a bit light, the game more than makes up for it with strategic gameplay mechanics that I simply haven't encountered elsewhere. If you can settle in for the long haul, you will find yourself swept up in this rich and unique experience.

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There’s a lot going on, but it doesn’t stop the game from feeling stale. Only getting to do one battle per in-game day makes the title's pacing feel very slow, and the story feels disappointingly broken up as a result.

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At the end of the day, Circus Electrique is still a fun time. The RPG blend of character maintenance, challenging battles, and circus management has a lot here and it can sometimes be overwhelming, but if players take their time and keep up the performers’ devotion, they can explore the mean streets of London by the skin of their teeth. It’s not an easy game, but much like Darkest Dungeon, it can be rather rewarding.

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Circus Electrique has a unique vibe, inventive art, and a thoroughly detailed devotion to its steampunk setting. For patient gamers with a love for stats and carefully managed decisions, the engaging combat will be icing on the cake. For some players, Circus Electrique might feel overwhelming, with one or two (or more) mechanics too many. There can be a lot of information on screen, and even more behind the scenes. The presentation is generally fantastic, but players used to simpler games might be surprised at how much work goes into running a circus.

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