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Time Loader

Flazm, META Publishing
Nov 3, 2021 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Time Loader

Time Loader is a great physics-based puzzler with a ton of heart that grips you emotionally throughout and refuses to let go.

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A physics-based platformer on the surface, Time Loader carries a weighty and heartfelt story that is bound to consume far more mental bandwidth than the screenshots and videos might have suggested. It's rare for games to surprise me, but Time Loader did exactly that.

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Time Loader was a nice breath of fresh air for me. It was simple, fun in execution, had a nice little story to tell, and was never overly long. It may be a bit too simple for the hardcore puzzle fans out there, but even then, they can find enjoyment out of this one with everything else it has going for it. This is one game that many will find themselves wanting to see all the endings and it is one that is worth it.

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A well made game with a great premise and enjoyable elements, Time Loader is well worth a playthrough for fans of puzzle platformers.

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A highly original puzzle-platformer from Lithuanian developers Flazm which combines an emotional time-travelling storyline with some intricate and very relaxing exploration filled with highly ingenious level design. Another indie gem which offers a very memorable and loveable gaming experience.

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Despite a few shortcomings, over the course of a playthrough, Time Loader proves itself to be a game worth trying out for those interested in its concept. The story is smart and, in true time travel fashion, has multiple ways in which it can come to a close. All of this is presented alongside a solid gameplay core which makes for a fun, if short, jaunt through a sci-fi tale.

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Time Loader isn't a long game, but it satisfies through its take on time travel. The story intrigues, the bot character is fun, and the audio design is on the ball. There are some final act issues, but I still recommend the game for those drawn to the plot and with '90s nostalgia.

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Time Loader is a brief, puzzling journey that never even gets close to 88 miles per hour.

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