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The Quarry

Supermassive Games, 2K Games
Jun 10, 2022 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

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The Quarry - Official Launch Trailer | 2K | Supermassive Games thumbnail

The Quarry - Official Launch Trailer | 2K | Supermassive Games

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The Quarry - Official Announce Trailer

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Critic Reviews for The Quarry


No Recommendation / Blank

If it hadn't have been for that thoroughly unjust Rewind right at the end of my playthrough, The Quarry - with its stunning visuals, wonderful voice work, fabulous score, and intriguing plot line - would have been one of my favourite games of the year thus far, and one of the best horror romps for some time. As it stands, though, it's hard to feel anything but disappointment for a game that took all my time and effort and just discarded them without warning. It's one thing to kill off a character; it's another to kill off a player's enthusiasm.

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The Quarry is a fun, bloody thrill ride on your first playthrough, but its lack of interactivity and a lot of little issues drag down the whole.

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A gripping horror story, but one where the interactive elements struggle to sustain the tension.

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Metro GameCentral

6 / 10
Metro GameCentral

An impressive technical achievement and in the right conditions an entertaining movie experience, but it's both a horror film that's not scary and a video game that's barely interactive.

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A fun but poorly paced horror adventure that's both slow to start and over too fast

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For the core game, I wish more of the action was in the hands of the player, but I can’t deny how enthralling the choices are, especially when they lead to absolute chaos. Once the frantic running through the woods begins, the dark mysteries and thrill of keeping people alive are powerful hooks that will keep you glued in suspense until the credits roll.

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The Quarry picks up where Until Dawn left off, introducing another group of personable teens you'll attempt to keep alive. Or not.

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Impressive efforts with a few noticeable problems holding them back. Won't astound everyone, but is worth your time and cash.

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