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Moero Crystal H

Idea Factory, Compile Heart , Eastasiasoft
Sep 17, 2020 - Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Moero Crystal H

Moero Crystal H is not the type of game you’d play without headphones on, but it also feels oddly liberating to play a game that welcomes nonsensical sexual themes with open arms. The fanservice is fantastic and the number of waifus you can pick are numerous. Everyone in this harem warms up to you and allows you to rub them, which truthfully makes it less uncomfortable to do. While it may not be a game for everyone, honestly if you are comfortable with a dungeon crawler mixed with lots of moe and sexual innuendos, this is 100% the game for you.

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Moero Crystal H is an outstanding dungeon crawler that combines the light-hearted, sexy, character-centric comedy of harem anime with deep combat and progression mechanics, plus a healthy dose of dating sim for good measure. It respects the player's time with quality-of-life features such as adjustable speed controls for both combat and exploration as well as a helpful autopilot mode – though it would have been nice to also see an option to save and recall party lineups and load-outs. It's beautifully presented, too, with delightful animated Live2D characters, gorgeous (if infrequent) event images and incredibly catchy music. Most importantly, though, it plays well – and provides enough content in both its main story and endgame to keep even the most avid RPG fan busy for hundreds of hours.

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Moero Crystal H is ultimately a game you know you're going to love or hate after so much as watching a trailer. In many respects, it does little to break from my expectations, but its by the books dungeon crawling paired with the staple humour and open degeneracy of Compile Heart and Idea Factory is reason enough to pick it up if you've enjoyed their games before.

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A bland, average dungeon crawler with some interesting characters that many will find uncomfortable to play through. Unnecessarily pushes boundaries of acceptability with regards to its lewd content.

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As a solid dungeon crawler, Moero Crystal H is often enjoyable. Filling in the map of each floor, gaining levels and skill, adding your selection of party members; it’s nothing groundbreaking, but it doesn’t need to be. As for the fanservice, it often just gets in the way of everything else. The touching minigames in particular are repetitive, and seem counter-intuitive to actually delivering fanservice. There is a lot to do in Moero Crystal H if you’re a fan of the genre, as long you’re fine with the premise — and the less-than-stellar localisation.

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9 / 10

There is far more to Moero Crystal H than its mature and perhaps more widely advertised aspects initially indicate. Fans of both the genre and cute graphics style will easily take over forty hours to complete the main story, and then collect all the adorable monster girls, maxing out their friendships and making their rooms at the inn luxurious. This humour-filled, slightly niche title is certainly at home on Nintendo Switch and has next to no gripes apart from the mini games being outside some players' personal comfort zones. Hopefully the series will get expanded one day.

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Crystal H does what it sets out to so well - be an outrageously perverse work of extended sex humour - that if you can enjoy that, on those terms, you're not going to find something more amusing on a console, likely ever. There's something almost noble about that purity of vision.

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If you’re in the market for a new dungeon crawler on Switch and don’t mind rubbing semi-naked anime girls on your screen, chances are you’ll love Moero Crystal H. It ticks all the right boxes for fans of the genre, then adds a bit of naughtiness that will either make you like it even more, or turn your head away in disgust.

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