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Ride 4

Deep Silver, Milestone S.r.l.
Oct 8, 2020 - PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Ride 4

Motorcycle fans will gorge themselves on Ride 4's 250+ obsessively detailed motorcycles and one of the best track lists to be found in a modern racing game, but the pizzaz needed to keep playing is sadly missing and the career gameplay can be duller than counting your own eyebrow hairs.

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If you are all hot and bothered by the thought of tearing past some United Kingdom pastures at 240+kph on a crotch rocket with the best visuals of any two-wheeled racing game yet, RIDE 4 for PC and next-gen consoles needs to be on your shortlist. While I found the first-person cameras lead me to slower lap times, they were my preferred way to crash the bikes. I’ve still yet to win at the Isle of Man on a modern bike, but hopefully, that time arrives soon. 8/10 Ninja wheelies

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Ride 4 is one of the best motorcycle racing game ever. Visually great and superb in terms of handling, Milestone did a great job delivering a fantastic experience on the track. The career is a little bit underwhelming in terms of design, but the game is still great to play.

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Ride 4 on PS5 is gorgeous. The textures are stunning, as are the bikes, and the improvements to how it runs are more than noticeable. That said, it still suffers from its tricky handling around corners and an irritating penalty system.

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It may have issues, but in RIDE 4, Milestone has finally created the two-wheeled Gran Turismo that fans have always wanted.

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Ride 4 is a racing game made only for racers. This isn't your casual "have a few friends over, have a couple drinks and mess around" type of game like Mario Kart, it's a picky, sensitive, intricate, realistic, and truly beautiful game. It is tough to play. It's not friendly to new players, but to the experienced racer, it would be tough to imagine what improvements could be made to a completed work of art such as this. To them, it's nigh on perfection.

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Milestone has made an undeniably solid game in the form of RIDE 4. The physics are mostly improved, though still have issues with collision. The career, while still a little too much of a slog, is far better organised than previous outings. There's a good variety of game modes to play through, giving a lot of replay variety, with the new endurance races being a high point. Some smaller race types, however, are infuriating in their rigidity and inaccessibility. The AI has been improved thanks to the new A.N.N.A. system, but it still isn't the most realistic and you'll find the computer trying to wipe you out for having the temerity of being where they want to be. For every negative, there are at least two positives, making this the most solid of Milestone's outings, I'd recommend it.

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The crux of Ride 4 clearly hangs in the gameplay. Veterans of the franchise and of motorsports will be engrossed with the latest entry in the series. Edging closer and closer to its real-life counterpart, the game is truly the finest rendition of the sport. Featuring a fleshed out career mode, which has choice at the forefront, will please fans who will be eager to do multiple playthroughs.

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