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I have really enjoyed Shadowverse, and I will no doubt keep this on my Switch as my go-to game when I'm stuck on the Tube. The problem is that if anyone looks over my shoulder to see what I'm playing, they're probably going to make a snap judgement about me and what I'm into.

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On the surface, Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle looks like a children’s card game with glorified animation, but it is actually more than that. With solid battles and structured rules, a large variety of cards, and a lot of NPCs specializing in different classes, every time you challenge someone it feels like a completely new experience. While following a cheesy and fun storyline in this RPG, the card game remains consistent and the characters predictable, making it easy to focus on strategizing and advancing to the top. Sure, there are moments where the repetition is evident, but there aren’t many RPGs that don’t require grinding.

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Shadowverse: Champion's Battle is a meaty game with so many layers to it, the game does a good job at getting new players accustomed but there's quite a bit to learn.

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Shadowverse: Champion's Battle is without a doubt the greatest card battling RPG on the Switch yet; an addictive and incredibly deep card game wrapped up in a heartwarming and enjoyable RPG that supplements and supports the potent core gameplay in all the right ways. Dozens of hours of content in single player alone, combined with a full-fledged online multiplayer, ensures that you're getting plenty of bang for your buck, while the anime presentation and detailed card art and animations keep everything looking and sounding nice all the way through. If you're at all into card games, don't waste your time deliberating: go buy this game immediately. Shadowverse: Champion's Battle is an extremely easy game to recommend, and absolutely worth your time.

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