Tenderfoot Tactics

Ice Water Games, Badru, Michael Bell, Isa Hutchinson, Taylor Thomas, Zoe Vartanian, Madison Pathe
Oct 21, 2020 - PC
8 / 10
3.8 / 5
Nindie Spotlight
8.1 / 10
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Tenderfoot Tactics Media

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Tenderfoot Tactics Release Announcement Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Tenderfoot Tactics

Tenderfoot Tactics' uncompromising design and freeform structure might feel alienating to some, but persevere, and you'll find a deeply thoughtful, nigh on meditative experience layered with creative, confident turn-based combat.

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The controls are fairly simple, and the experience is a good challenge, which will require you to engage. You never lose your progress (as there is no absolute death), and when you lose (or flee) combat, you can return to your latest home point. It is challenging but not punishing, which provides a balance which suits the overall style of mystery. I like the unique experience that Tenderfoot Tactics offers the player. The dreamy, eerie, and etheric world is well formed and encourages a dream like meander through the space. The enchanting visuals are the hero of the game which makes the world well worth the exploration.

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