Shut In

Cael O'Sullivan, Hidden Track
Oct 30, 2020 - PC

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Shut In Media

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Critic Reviews for Shut In


Steve C
6 / 10

Shut In is a short experience with a price to match and it's one that I mostly enjoyed. That said, I do have a particularly dark sense of humour and was able to separate the game from my own mental health struggles. The tone here is so mocking that it won't be for everyone and I'm still in two minds as to whether it is hoping to raise awareness or simply using mental suffering for entertainment. I'm inclined to give it the benefit of the doubt, but your mileage may vary. Unlike our current situation, this is one period of isolation that isn't mandatory.

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Shut In captures these unprecedented times in a small but unique package. With depth far beyond the initial on-the-surface horror story, this experience taps into the evocativeness of a mental health crisis, and the commentary it makes on the dread suffered by those with mental illnesses is powerful. It isn't all deep, though. The narrator successfully plays on the Undertale vibe and the comedic elements within such a tonally dark tale come across very well.

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A psychological horror game full of puzzles that make you afraid to do anything in your house, including getting out of bed. The game deals with depression, isolation and how that affects your inner dialogue and feelings.

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Shut In had to grow on me. I spent an awful lot of time frustrated with it before I considered its original angle of conveying the emotions (or lack thereof) felt during quarantine, and that new perspective allowed me to look past the otherwise annoying issues. If you’re looking for a commentary on the effects of the pandemic on an already fragile psyche, Shut In just might be up your alley.

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If you can look past some of the frustrating puzzles and have a bit of patience with this, SHUT IN is a decent little game to shut yourself away with for a few hours.

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I enjoyed Shut In and whilst it was pretty dark and brutal in parts, it was balanced with challenging puzzles and good humour. I managed to complete the game in 1 hour 11 minutes but it’s a game worth experiencing if you like puzzle games. It’s also a fascinating glimpse for me into mental struggles of life in lockdown that many around the world have no doubt experienced or even still going through.

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