Waves Out!

Jan 20, 2021 - PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4
PlayStation Universe
2 / 10
PSX Brasil
60 / 100
Chicas Gamers
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Waves Out! Media

Critic Reviews for Waves Out!

Waves Out! manages to suck all the fun out of its own potentially enjoyable concept of magnetising balls in order to score goals with fiddly play areas, sluggish gameplay and no sense of competition whatsoever. Stir in a missing four player option and some truly dated visuals and you have a recipe for disaster.

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Waves Out! is a game that falls short in several aspects. You may have a little fun playing it, but certain things like the poor multiplayer mode make it clear that your time can be better spent with more challenging games that offer more options.

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In Waves Out! We will control Magnetín, a metallic being with magnetic powers and with an appearance that could well remind us of any enemy of the Mega Man saga. His objective will be, using his powers, to attract metallic balls to various holes and thus increase their punctuation.

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