Castle Kong

Drowning Monkey Games, Drowning Monkey Games
Jun 5, 2020 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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Critic Reviews for Castle Kong

Donkey Kong was the king of arcades in the 1980s, and Castle Kong is here to help us relive some of that magic. With strict adherence to the original classic, this homage includes some quality of life tweaks and, on the Switch, portability.

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Castle Kong gives Donkey Kong a colorful visual refresh and an extreme challenge bump, but otherwise sticks closely to the formula that made it a legend. Fans of classic arcade games will enjoy it, and will be thankful they don't have to drop another quarter with each frustrated restart.

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As an homage to Donkey Kong, Castle Kong does a solid job with its core gameplay yet it eventually becomes quite a repetitive game.

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Fans of a certain mustachioed carpenter (at the time) taking on a large and equally-famous gorilla will, no doubt, quickly notice some similarities here...

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Castle Kong is an obvious tribute to the successful Nintendo arcade game. Of challenging difficulty, and sometimes quite fierce, bordering on the impossible, whose maximum challenge is to compare yourself to other players in the world. Its replayability and interest will depend on the taste for overcoming oneself.

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Castle Kong is a decent arcade game for those looking to scratch that nostalgic itch. It unapologetically mimics the arcade design, warts an all, which will appeal to purists but possibly put off gamers looking for some modern improvements to the formula. But by being so similar to the game it takes inspiration from, Castle Kong doesn’t feel like it has its own identity. This makes me wonder if those looking for a nostalgia kick will just end up playing Donkey Kong instead (also available on eShop). What I would like to see is the developers take this concept and produce their own original arcade-style game. Until that happens though we have Castle Kong to enjoy, and it’s pretty good.

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Overall, Castle Kong tries to recapture the original Donkey Kong’s original feel and succeed in doing that but maybe slightly too well, leaving the game to feel very slow. Castle Kong is also frustratingly difficult, and the long respawn times make the temptation of switching over to something out very appealing.

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Castle Kong for Nintendo Switch is a small tribute to one of the most mythical and beloved arcades ever created, Donkey Kong from the Nintendo company. The adventure that launched the most famous plumber in video games, Mario, to stardom. A game for the worshipers of almost impossible challenges, a difficulty that increases as we go up levels and without the possibility of continuing the game. Its simplicity is part of its charm, so don't look for a complicated plot, or a lot of variation when playing.

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