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Pac-Man 99

Bandai Namco Games
Apr 7, 2021 - Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Pac-Man 99

A lack of any kind of tutorial is frustrating at first, but once you get the hang of the action, it's a fun way to fill lulls in your day

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PAC-MAN 99 is another hit for Arika, this time with one of the most iconic arcade games of all time. It’s a bit surprising just how well Pac-Man fits into the 99-player battle royale format, but that’s just a testament to the work done by the developers. PAC-MAN 99 has me excited for whatever the developer’s put out next.

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Overall I’m really enjoying Pac-Man 99. It’s a great pick-up and play title for when you have just a couple of minutes and are looking for something to do. The gameplay is fast-paced, competitive, and surprisingly addicting. If you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, there’s no reason not to give the game a shot.

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Pac-Man 99 is destined to become your latest addiction. Whether it's one match or ten matches in the same session, this is a pure pick-up-and-play title. The legendary Pac-Man gameplay is presented with a modern twist that is sure to leave fans happy. While the gameplay mechanics could have been explained better and the offline modes shouldn't have been locked behind a paywall, Pac-Man 99 is a fantastic reason to keep booting up your Switch. It's only been two weeks, and I can't imagine my Switch without Pac-Man 99 installed.

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Despite the steep learning curve and the hubbub about single-player paywalls, the pure enjoyment of every new Pac-Man 99 game stands tall above all. Whether you are itching for one short session or a marathon of close calls and satisfactory victory, this battle royale cannot come recommended enough.

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Ultimately, Pac-Man 99 doesn't stand up to the instant fun of Tetris 99, but it's better than Super Mario 35 and serves as a worthy addition to the Nintendo Switch Online subscription. The paid modes will be great when the game inevitably goes offline, but feel superfluous in the now. Those looking to expand their game will likely find more use out of grabbing a few skins individually than grabbing the whole bundle, but the free-to-play option will be the best deal for most players.

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PAC-MAN 99 may seem initially daunting with mechanics it simply doesn't explain but once you experiment and learn by fire, it won't take long to realise its true potential. Arika and Bandai Namco has barely touched the formula of this 41-year-old classic, and yet with just a few new layers it feels like a brand new game. We've invested more time than we care to admit into the previous '99' entries and it's clear PAC-MAN 99 is destined for evergreen greatness.

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