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Little Mouse's Encyclopedia is ranked in the -1th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
7.5 / 10.0
Apr 30, 2021

Little Mouse's Encyclopedia is the type of title I would've loved exploring as a kid in school. As a grown man, I still appreciate the concept and how it was brought to screen in an aesthetically pleasing way. It succeeds with its aim in charming fashion. While gameplay and narration are missed, this is a very good release for what it is. If you're a family, this would definitely be one to grab on sale if you're looking to relax and learn at the same time.

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6.4 / 10.0
Apr 23, 2021

Titles that target younger gamers are always a bit of a challenge to evaluate...

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Oct 13, 2022

Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia does precisely what it says on the tin, an interactive educational game with over 160 species of animals and plants to discover. Perfectly suitable for parents to introduce their young ones to nature in a fun way.

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Camila Berka
10 / 10.0
Oct 24, 2021

Although many parents and guardians leave children alone when playing, Little Mouse's Encyclopedia seeks to provide families with a fundamental practice for child development, bringing benefits not only educational, but also emotional. By taking time to read together, adults can, in addition to encouraging healthy reading habits, establish quality moments with children so that their full attention to the activity together can significantly impact their children's self-esteem. By exploring together the little mouse's world, they will certainly share moments of educational enrichment and closer ties of affection.

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