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General Information

Available on:PCNov 21, 2018
PlayStation 4Apr 30, 2021

Developer: Fair Games Studio

Publishers: Fair Games Studio, Samustai LTD

Genre: Adventure

Gameplay time: 9-12 hours In this game, you may find yourself in many deadlocks the only way out of which is DEATH. This game may make you angry more than once. This game may make you re-play some moments over and over. You were chosen to carry out the Protocol program. Your objective is to make "first contact" with an alien life form. Any violation of the Protocol will lead to the elimination of you and the entire operation. Remember, the fate of the humanity may depend on your actions. Once signed, the Protocol must be promptly implemented. Have a nice day! Plot The action of Protocol, most likely, takes place in the near future. You are a flippant soldier who signs up for the Protocol program implementation. Packed in a landing box and dropped off somewhere in the Arctic Circle, not far from the Terminus research complex, your main objective is to follow a mysterious AI's orders, who uses you to make ""first contact"" within the Protocol program framework. Any deviation from AI's orders is considered to be a violation of Protocol; leading to the elimination of the complex and staff. Features Protocol is a sci-fi comedy with a hint of horror, action and a twisted love story. Uncover an intriguing plot filled with conspiracies, plot twists, countless expletives, dark humour, and some light-hearted mockery. Have a Nice Day! This is a phrase you will love AND hate because you have violated the Protocol AGAIN. If you think that hardcore is when you can defeat the biggest bosses, then try not to die when taking a snowball. Genre ambiguity We still can't decide which genre suits this game. Adventure? Puzzle? Shooter? Immersive sim (seriously?)? Walking simulator? Crazy trip? Or, maybe... All in one? Our other projects: Horror LOCO PARENTIS Startup Valley Adventure - Episode 1 Horror Noch

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Protocol is an unfocused, directionless mess of a game that tries to give too much without grasping the basics. The gameplay is frustrating, the dialogue is terrible, and the number of technical problems renders it almost unbearable to play. There are a few positives here, but they are so few and far between that they don't even come close to being worth going through this experience. Stay away from Protocol, and you will indeed have a nice day.

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Protocol is a tortuous experience that combines clumsy, awful gameplay with an abysmal script. I would much rather fail the protocol, and be nuked, then have to play through this again.

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7.5 / 10.0
Rob Pitt

Protocol is frustrating, annoying, and anger-inducing – I loved it! Despite the brutal and unforgiving insane A.I., who constantly kills you if you so much as look at her funny, I thought the story was interesting, the dialogue was ‘colourful’, and the combination of many different gameplay mechanics was very creative. My only negative, besides the difficulty spike in the final chapter, has to be the ‘long’ loading times – these wouldn’t usually be an issue, but in a game where you’re bound to die over and over, I would have liked a faster reload. I personally preferred the first half of the game over the second, due to how the focus shifted more onto combat over exploration and puzzles, but it didn’t stop me from wanting to unlock all seven endings – which I will do, someday…

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Protocol may have been an interesting experience in VR, but as a classic game it turns out to be a slow, boring, frustrating, sloppy and repetitive action/puzzle game. It could have been more interesting with a deep gameplay redesign, but as it is, we wouldn't recommend it even to die-hard fans of first-person puzzle games.

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