Mardonpol Inc., OutsideIn Ent.
Apr 13, 2021 - PlayStation VR, PC
8.5 / 10
3.5 / 10
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Alvo Media

ALVO - Official Gameplay Trailer | PS VR thumbnail

ALVO - Official Gameplay Trailer | PS VR

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Critic Reviews for Alvo

It has to be said that even as a bare-bones online military shooter, Alvo ticks all the boxes for me, and offers rewarding, realistic, ultra-fast gameplay that really puts you under the pump and forces you to think fast. The scope of possibility for Alvo is sky high and I really look forward to the next round of tweaks and additions, from a developer that seems to really listen to its community. If you're looking for an online shooter with a definite penchant for gritty action; Alvo is your game without a shadow of a doubt.

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If Pavlov is the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive of the VR market, and Onward is its Insurgency, then ALVO can easily be described as the Modern Combat of the VR market.

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