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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchJun 25, 2021
PCJun 25, 2021
Xbox OneJun 25, 2021
PlayStation 4Jun 25, 2021
PlayStation 5Jun 25, 2021

Developer: Somepx

Publisher: Ratalaika Games

Genre: Puzzle

It's time to explore the virtual land of Loopindex! Its vast, uncharted lands are full of puzzles to solve! Play alone, or team up with a robo-friend, and use logic and timing to clear each area. The difficulty will test your ingenuity as you explore the unique “loop mechanic” at the core of the gameplay loop. You’ll take on levels full of traps and discovery, befriend virtual creatures, and even battle against cool bosses. Features: More than 70 levels Challenging boss fights Get help from robo-pets to complete the levels Multiplayer co-op for two players Unique "loop command" mechanic

LoopIndex Critic Reviews

Loopindex, while not bad through and through, simply feels rough around the edges. Throw in a potential game-ending bug, and this is a small virtual world I won't be returning to any time soon.

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Overall, there just isn’t that much to complain about. LoopIndex is cheap fun that’s worth sitting down and playing solo and is even more fun with a friend. While it’s not going to break records or make history, the game is well thought out and put together. Also, since LoopIndex is available for just about every single platform that anyone could want it on, players can sit down together and play regardless of what consoles they own. I would recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a fun puzzle experience to share with someone.

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It’s hard not to go into a title published by Ratalaika Games without a bit of scepticism. Don’t get me wrong, they’re rarely outright bad games. And hey, achievement or trophy hunters certainly get a buzz from the easy selection each title offers. Their games just rarely do much to engross the player and instead feature gameplay mechanics that have typically been done much better elsewhere.

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