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ARVORE Immersive Experiences
Jul 22, 2021 - Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PC

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4 / 5
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YUKI Trailers

YUKI | OFFICIAL LAUNCH TRAILER | Oculus and Steam VR platforms thumbnail

YUKI | OFFICIAL LAUNCH TRAILER | Oculus and Steam VR platforms

YUKI  Official Announcement Teaser Trailer - Coming in 2021 to Oculus Quest, Rift and PSVR thumbnail

YUKI Official Announcement Teaser Trailer - Coming in 2021 to Oculus Quest, Rift and PSVR

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Critic Reviews for YUKI

Yuki is fun, looks terrific, and gives a decent approximation of what it would be like to spend a day inside a Japanese TATE arcade cabinet.

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YUKI blends bullet hell and roguelike genres with a gameplay mechanic that requires spatial awareness in VR to make for a unique and original experience.

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In the end, Yuki is a nice bullet hell shooter for VR. The premise helps the campaign mode make sense, and the use of VR works quite well despite being an on-rails experience. The roguelike nature might throw off some players, especially since some of that genre's more recognizable features seem absent, and the amount of repetition needed to reach the game's real ending might not be for everyone. Shooter fans who don't mind a more playful experience will really enjoy Yuki.

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YUKI isn’t as strong a game as ARVORE’s Pixel Ripped series but I still think it’s one of the better PlayStation VR games we’ve seen in 2021. It’s a smooth controlling bullet hell/roguelike game complimented by some strong art and music. It may not have a ton to see but if it gets its hooks in you you’ll be sticking around for quite awhile trying to get in just one more run.

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AVORE has knocked it out of the park again with YUKI Their titles have quickly become the only reason to break out the VR and its still astonishing that a team so small can produce such great titles. The only criticism would be a difficulty spike that can be off-putting however if prepared and willing to immerse yourself as much as a VR game would expect, a fantastic figure-based time will be found here.

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To my delight, YUKI is my favourite VR game of 2021 so if you enjoy arcade-like experiences set in a roguelike structure then you should definitely give it a go. It's challenging, unique, action-packed, and its unlockables are hearty rewards; what more could you want?

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Cumulatively, Yuki is fun to play, it sounds great, it has a solid progression system, and there are layers of combat mechanics. Combined with a perfect implementation of difficulty, this makes Yuki one of the best VR games of 2021. I would like for the audio cues to be more relevant, and I would like to see what a Yuki sequel looks like on current-gen hardware with high-end visuals and a more open-level design. Hopefully, the next time around the developers will choose some larger fonts.

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Let me start this review by saying I loved the Pixel Ripped games on PSVR. They were unique, brilliantly implemented and a boatload of fun. So when the opportunity to review ARVORE’s latest foray onto PlayStation’s VR headset dropped into my inbox, I jumped at the chance. I had also heard it was a roguelike, one of my favourite genres, colour me intrigued.

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