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Ultra Mission

Gumbo Machine
Jul 20, 2021 - PlayStation Vita
2.5 / 10
3 / 10
4 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Ultra Mission

There are moments when the game clicks and offers some fleeting enjoyment, but I fear my tolerance for it may be tinted more by nostalgia than anything else.

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Gumbo Machine has had over four decades to make a Berzerk rip-off but apparently chose to spend that time eating crayons instead. This is a buggy mess with no challenge to it.

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Ultra Mission might be remembered as the very last game for the PSVita, but it’s not a memorable game in and of itself. A budget top down shooter that’s clunky and shallow, it’s an hour of content that’s quirky but has a number of design issues that make it a forgettable farewell to Sony’s handheld.

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