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Available on:PlayStation 4Jun 1, 2016
PCFeb 24, 2015
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020

Developer: Iridium Studios

Genre: Strategy

Ender Wiggin. Admiral Ackbar. That dude who commands the G.I. Joes. These totally rad commanders knew that battles are won not by a single footsoldier, but by issuing precise commands that put their units in position to achieve victory. In There Came an Echo, follow in those commanders' footsteps by giving orders to Corrin Webb (Wil Wheaton) and his squadmates in a unique real-time strategy experience. Using an advanced voice recognition system, direct your units through a variety of mission types against foes armed with futuristic energy weaponry and personal force fields. Make your move with standard commands ("All units, advance to Bravo 3!") or utilize custom variants to express your unique personality ("Everyone, do the worm over to Buttface 3!"). Keep it classy, folks.

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For now it's a game with a lot to offer, though mostly for players willing to meet its ambitions halfway. I can't help feeling that we'll see this speech mechanic refined and put to even better use somewhere down the line.

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In this strategy game where you command real-time tactical battles entirely with your voice, the greatest threat is the voice recognition system itself.

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The proof of concept is here, and I would certainly look forward to a hypothetical There Came an Echo 2 if it were announced. The groundwork has been laid, and with more content and finer polish it could be great. But knowing Iridium, the studio's next project will be something completely different, taking its science fiction stories into another unusual genre mashup.

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All told, There Came An Echo is a journey worth taking. The story takes some unexpected — if sometimes uneven — turns, the voice acting is on point, and the advanced speech recognition Iridium Studios has developed is beyond promising. I fully expect them to have a secondary revenue stream licensing out this technology. Go buy it, go play it, go support indie developers who take risks in the name of unique gaming experiences.

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